4 reasons to commit to your hair guru

  • March 29, 2018
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AKA, don’t be a salon “slut”.

Being in the industry for as long as I have been, I’ve had the opportunity to come across a fair amount of “salon sluts”. This is NOT at all a bad thing; the heart wants what the heart (or the hair in this case) wants! And that is totally OKAY!

It seems sometimes that no matter how good the service is or how happy the client might be with the end result, they still keep looking for the “one”.

I like to think of these clients as “polyamorous”.

What makes them different is that they will always come back after they’ve done the rounds with other salons and either realize they have no more places to try or they discover they’ve made a mistake because no one is quite as good as their #1 guru.

Some, however, might specifically be in a few “open relationships” with their hairdressers, so the client is shared between the chosen hair gurus.

Commitment may be a scary word, but there are many good reasons to stick with the same stylist. Here are some good reasons to commit:

1. It allows the artist to get to know your hair!

We all know the “first time” with a stranger can be a little awkward, or maybe slightly more time consuming, but this is only because you are a stranger in their chair and time is usually necessary to understand your exact needs.

2. Your hair is a work in progress

Whenever I get a new client in my chair, I always advise that it will usually take 2-3 visits to get them where they want to be, especially if they are opting for a big change. I’m definitely a big believer that healthy hair is much more important than the “right” colour. So if it means taking it slowly and saving the quality of the hair in the process than by all means, please be patient! I assure you that the best colours will take time! And usually less is more! I am always looking at ways to better my works of art. With each visit something will be slightly tweaked. As Leonardo Da Vinci said, “A work of art is never finished, only abandoned.”

3. Building rapport

OKAY, honestly, how many times do you want to discuss the weather or make insignificant small talk? I say the less, the better! Like any relationship, true understanding takes time and effort, this is not something that can be achieved on the first visit. Yes you may “click”, sparks might fly, but there’s more to this unique relationship than a casual laugh and shared point of view. Many people refer to their hairdressers as “counselors”. I love this part of my job, the listening and advising. And not just about hair. People are pretty damn interesting creatures once you get to know them better (yes even the seemingly dull ones). My job is to figure out the client’s interests fast and unwrap that interest.

The moral here is – everyone has something to bring to the table.

4. Colour continuity

Now for the important/technical stuff…COLOUR! Yes, yes, styling is important too, but for colour it can get technical. For example, it is imperative to have a new client’s previous colour recipe. WHY? Well because IF your client is happy with that specific colour, you are going to want to do your very best to produce that exact same colour for your client.

A good hair guru can of course match the previous achievement by going off of the hair. However, keep in mind things like different products, peroxides and the disability of colour recognition can create slight differences and hair banding.I know that sometimes life gets tough, hair gets unmanageable, maybe your current hair guru isn’t giving you what you really want and you are bored… BUT – have you asked for something different? Or do you just sit silently after being asked “same as last time?” and find yourself nodding yes whilst dreaming of something completely different. If this is the case, I say SPEAK UP NOW or forever hold your peace!!

Most hairdressers in my opinion are bored to death doing the same sh*t day in and day out. A challenge, a new goal to work towards, can be equally as exciting for her/him!

So find that guru. Get to know them. And grow together for better, for worse, until death do you part!


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