Hair Power

  • November 29, 2018
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Hair Power

“Our hair fashions might be just a trend, but if we investigate, we may find that we have been depriving ourselves of one of the most valuable sources of energy for human vitality.” -Yogi Bhajan

Long, short, bangs, side bangs – we are forever changing our minds, and when we get it, surely enough, we want something else.. But what is the importance of hair? Why do we continue to torture and punish this ‘decoration’ we have? What is hair even for? And what if told you that your very own hair has a unique spiritual energy?

Are you that girl, OR boy, who has always held onto their long locks? Even if they are indeed ‘slightly’ on the dead side (yea i know you!!)? Or maybe not, maybe one cares very little and chops it off as soon as it gets too long? 

As a child I always wanted long beautiful hair, not having any until I was 2, I ran around with stockings on my head most of the time, pretending that they were two long locks.

With a burning interest in hair colour at a young age of 9 , my hair very quickly became damaged from bleach and of course had to be cut shorter (think mullet vibes) to make it appear more “presentable”. This cut at 15 was scarring.  In fact it was so traumatic that I decided then and there to NEVER cut my hair again. To think that all that growing was for nothing – and at that age too – END OF THE WORLD!! So I grew it out, got extensions, ruined it further with excessive colour – only then to cover up with more extensions. And so on. 

As my career progressed and I started meeting like-minded “non-cutters”, I found myself getting annoyed with them, “the hair is dead, doesn’t look good – WHY WON’T YOU CUT IT DANMIT!”.

It became even more clear to me that indeed you are what you attract. I started getting trims. And then bigger trims. Before I knew it I chopped off 5 inches for a cute little bob last year. And sure enough, I was encouraging my clients to slowly do the same.

I can’t even begin to describe the freedom I felt from this chop. I went out that night swooshing my hair in everyone’s face. It almost felt like I had cut off 5kg resting on my shoulders and 5 years of my age. These ends were dead, damaged, tortured – getting rid of them made me feel less of all those things!

As much as I believe that regular trims can be extremely beneficial and definitely life changing, I have recently started researching the benefits of NEVER cutting hair! This will be like a big slap in the face to all my fellow hairstylist but did you know that hair is an extension of our nervous system? Like “antennae”. Yes antennae! It is said that hair transports important information to the brain and helps us connect and be in-tune with the universe! Now if this already sounds like too much for you then I encourage you to hang in there and KEEP READING!

If we take everything back to the basics –how this world is meant to function, how we are meant to function, – free and happy without all these external distractions. Back in the day hair was never cut unless one was enslaved, in which case the hair was shaved so the slave would be recognised (ok now, slavery I don’t agree with, but technically aren’t we all slaves to something?).

YES this is deep, but stick with me here…

BANGS – my fave topic – now bangs, fringes, whatever you want to call them, were considered mind-dulling, literally. You see we all have this super important pineal gland, which is the centre for our consciousness.  The bones in the forehead transmit light to this gland, so hair covering the forehead blocks this process, therefore affecting brain activity and certain hormones.

Genghis Khan, the man who conquered China, made all the women wear bangs so they were easier to control. So men should actually like bangs, right! GET IN THE KITCHEN (hehe).

So there you have it, just to really confuse you with my talk about antennae and the pineal gland – personally I found this so interesting, perhaps that is why children can’t stand having haircuts – as they are much more conscious than we are. Perhaps I’m mad! Or you’re mad, for thinking I’m mad, or anyone who cuts bangs is mad!

Happy Growing!

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