Abandon your home town, but never abandon your hair.

Abandon your home town, but never abandon your hair.

Most women, and men too, tend to completely disregard their locks whilst embarking on an adventure.

I hear so many women cry and complain about the distraught state of their hair once they return. Their holiday pictures are happy but their hair is not.

Here are a few common mistakes that most individuals will make on vacay:

1. They say “f*ck it, I don’t need to wash or brush my hair, I belong to the sea now.”

Well hhmm… as much as we can all relate to wanting to “get back to nature” and take a break from it all, I can also promise you this will not be a happy ending. Even if you feel it is all good at the time, rest assured you will pay for it later on. Sun and salt water are known to dry out the hair and with the combination of no washing or brushing (at all), your hair will end up a knotty mess and you’re dream of being a sexy, salty beach babe will end with hair breakage (ESPECIALLY for all you blonde ladies!). My point? Take a damn tangle teaser with you and get on with it!

2. The “I’m a minimalist and don’t have any room for products, but lots of room for dresses I won’t wear” story.

My response? You need to take 3 staple products with you: shampoo, conditioner and a dry shampoo. I recently also added the olaplex #3 to my bundle. It’s small, cute and can travel in your carry on. For shampoo and conditioner you can usually purchase small bottles, or DIY with the travelling empty bottles! Alternatively you can combine the two and just get a cleansing cream which does both (clean you hair and treat it – magic!). I personally take Kevin Murphy mini’s with me.I always have dry shampoo with me but it is especially good to have on your holiday, even more-so if you have bangs – eeek! Kevin Murphy – Do Over is the one for me.Ok, so I lied about there being 3 staples. I left out one necessity – an oil. This guy is important as it can act as both your deep treatment and a leave in treatment. I would recommend a nice coconut oil. I use most of it up while I’m away so don’t even have to worry about packing it for the trip home. Apply it to you hair and leave it in all day whilst you’re swimming, then shampoo it out later on and put a very small amount on washed hair and let dry. I usually find a nice organic one whatever island I end up on.

The olaplex #3 is also quite nice to leave in whilst swimming. Only thing is it can get a little sticky. I personally prefer oil.

3. The colour.

I’m going to be honest with you. Yes, it may fade. It may go slightly warmer, blonder. Chances are you will go for a swim and next day your hair will take on a different hue, but that’s ok. Let mother nature do its thang, within reason of course. Some of my favorite colours have been created by the ocean! Besides, wouldn’t you rather concentrate on which cocktail you are going to order next than what shade your hair should be? Enjoy being a little blonder and brighter – IT LOOKS GOOD WITH YOUR NEW TAN!

If colour is really a concern, you can always match up your shade with a colour conditioner. Shu Eumura for example has some great options.

So remember, just because you’re on vacay doesn’t mean your hair regiment gets to take a break too.

Take care of your hair, but don’t stress too much over small changes. If your hair curls a little more than usual, embrace those curls. If your straight hair suddenly decides to be wavy, love those waves. Make sure to pack along the basics to show your hair some TLC, then keep calm and holiday on!

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