Reiki Mama

Reiki Mama

Hi mama you warrior! Congratulations on the most precious gift in life – to give another life!

This time is so unique to your journey, the ups and downs, the first smiles, actually the first of everything! The constant battle with your sanity and sleep (even though you’d probably be sane if you just got some more sleep hehe).  The lack of time left, and the total non-existence of time at the same time – when you spend all day staring at your sleeping bub.

It is such a wonderful crazy time, its easy to forget about the most important person – you!

It’s easily done and also can become nearly impossible to make the time for yourself. But don’t forget the most important thing for your bub is happy, relaxed mama. When #1 (you) is all sorts of chaos, your baby feels it too and so , it is vital to take a little bit off time to yourself, whether its daily, weekly but know that you have that time to just worry about you.

My mission is to create that space for you as much or as little as you need, to guide you  and most importantly to relax you.

I am combining all my favourite little bits, as a reiki practitioner, a student naturopath, a yogi at heart, a hairdresser and most importantly – a mother – to bring you cocktail of ‘zen’!

My sessions will include:

  • Simple pressure points release (think yin yoga)
  • Flower essence and oils
  • The reiki (12 hand positions over 7 chakras)
  • A head massage (YES!)

The session will take 75-90mins, which is only YOUR time, to recharge, rebalance and remember you 🙂

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