What is Reiki?

What is reiki?

There are a lot people talking about reiki, doing reiki or getting reiki. However there still are plenty of people that have not yet dabbled in the healing modality (being the lack of belief or the lack of knowledge on the subject!) Or maybe just simply have not yet had the chance to experience reiki or feel the beneficial results.

Either way I’m here to shed some light on this exciting topic!

Let me explain a little more:

Reiki meaning: REI – ‘universal’ and KI – ‘light/force’.

What this means is that the reiki healer is able to channel the UNIVERSAL energy and send it to your body. Allowing the powerful and vast universal energy to channel through the healer and into the patient.

Are you feeling anxious, depressed, exhausted? Do you have trauma you have not spoken about, mental health issues that aren’t dealt with, OR do you just feel slightly lost (WE ALL DO!!)?!

Whichever emotional state it may be, it can trigger a misalignment and come through on the physical bodyFor example: not speaking out about something can manifest as a sore throat. Or someone that is carrying a lot on their shoulders can quite literally have very stiff shoulders. This is usually the person takes on a role of martyrdom. 

What a reiki practitioner will do is bring your attention to the areas that are in need! 12 hand positions are placed over the energetic body’s 7 chakras. This flow of reiki can be felt by both the practitioner and the patient.

You might just go into a state of deep relaxation or sleep – which is great and means your body responds to reiki really well! Or you may be in and out of a relaxed state. Whichever state you succumb to is the right one for you at the time 🙂

What makes a reiki practitioner so special and able to do this??  Reiki has to be initialed by a reiki master to the student through different levels of studies and practice. This takes time and diligence. 

Energy work can be such a vital supplement to our body and mind.

There is definitely much to learn about the physical, energetic and spiritual bodies. All are in sync and all need to be consciously revived if misaligned before havoc takes place. 

Drop me a message to set up an appointment!

Let the healing begin!

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