Boys come and go but your hair is with you for life…

  • May 28, 2018
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Boys come and go but your hair is with you for life…

Are you a modern day tinderella? Do you find yourself exhausted from swiping right and left (probably mostly left). I know how exhausting it can be, the swiping, the meaningless chats, then a few of those first few dates or “interviews”, as I like to call them. One thing for certain, everyone can use some advice on an overall hair appearance during these confusing times!

Want to ensure that mane is always perfect, no matter who the prince charming is for the evening? (The right one could be sitting behind him by the way).

First things first, I want to throw the “long hair” rule out the window. I used to obey this rule for years and YEARS but I’ve come to completely disagree as short hair is sexy, in fact it is much sexier than long, damaged, ratty ends (sorry ladies).

I’m not saying it has to be short, all I’m saying is find the right length and style to frame your face and wear it, really WEAR IT. Long or short, bangs or no bangs – consult your hair guru and go for it!

Once you find the “perfect” cut to frame your face properly, the styling becomes much easier and you gain a unique style that is your own – which makes you more appealing regardless of the length.

The colour of course has to be perfect. A colour should look like it naturally belongs to you, even if it doesn’t. When I say natural I don’t necessarily mean it needs to be generic. What I mean is that the application of the colour is carefully tailored to your lifestyle – meaning if you are low maintenance don’t get a scalp bleach and walk around with skanky grown roots (no, you can’t grow it out into balayage). Also, if your hair is damaged beyond belief don’t ask to be even blonder.

What I am saying here is really assess what it is that is suitable to you, your lifestyle, and most importantly your colouring (eyes, skin, wardrobe).

This doesn’t rule out “fun” colours. All it means is carefully consider how you will maintain your hair and if you can’t, take into consideration what it will fade out to.

For example, if you have beautiful base blonde, colours such as pink and violet will depart softly with minimal trace.

On the other hand colours like green, blue or orange will not be as kind when they make their exit.

So the moral here: find your perfect do before you find your perfect man, because hair, my dear, is the first thing people usually notice.

In the next blog I will cover some easy, creative ways to blow dry and style your hair in minimal timing.

Happy swiping!

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